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Evacuation analysis

Sky Tower

CFD simulations of smoke control systems in the underground car park and the shopping mall in a mixed-use development

Nowa Łódź Fabryczna

Detailed CFD analysis including verification of the smoke removal system of the underground train station and a railway tunnel. Performing evacuation time analysis. Structura fire anaysis of the tunnel structure and steel structure of the skylights in the station.

Volvo WA

Consultancy and design proposal at extention and modification of an existing office boulding in atrium area, smoke control system CFD and evacuation simulations including a performance examination of existing fire glazing system in fire conditions (performance based design)

Sports stadium

Computer analysis of evacuation time during a music concert

Stadion Olimpijski

Detailed analyzis of the evacuation time of the stands of the modernized and rebuilt Olympic Stadium in Wrocław

Silver Towers

Detailed computer simulation of evacuation process in a high-rise office building

Distribution centre

CFD simulations and evacuation analysis of a 21000 m2 distribution facility. Concept design of smoke ventilation system in accordance with NFPA 204

Warsaw Spire

Fire safety engineering advice for the Warsaw Spire project including CFD modelling and evacuation time analysis