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Smoke tests

Sky Tower

CFD simulations of smoke control systems in the underground car park and the shopping mall in a mixed-use development

Hala widowiskowo-sportowa Spodek

Computer CFD simulations of the natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation system (SHEVS) for sports and entertainment hall. Hot smoke tests before and after the modernization of the smoke ventilation system.

Galeria Libero

Concpet design of smoke ventilation systems, CFD simulations and hot smoke tests in a large, multi-storey shopping centre

Piękna 21

CFD simulations of smoke ventilation systems and hot smoke tests in an underground car park

Osiedle Przystań

Concept design and CFD simulation of a smoke ventilation system of an underground car park in a residential biulding provided with an external smoke exhaust system verified by hot smoke test (HST).

Congress centre ICE

Hot smoke tests in the main entrance hall atrium, concert fall and underground car park

Aleja Wiśniowa

Concept design and CFD simulations of a jet fan smoke ventilation system in underground two levels car park