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Other facilities


Concept design and CFD simulations of natural and mechanical smoke control system in the underground museum building

Budynki D1 i D2

CFD analyzes, technical expertise of fire protection status

Congress centre ICE

Hot smoke tests in the main entrance hall atrium, concert fall and underground car park

Narodowe Forum Muzyki

Analysis of the effectiveness of the mechanical smoke exhaust system in the main entrance hall atrium and concert halls for the purpose of assessing the evacuation conditions

Hotel Arłamów

CFD analysis of a smoke exhaust ventilation system in an enclosed courtyard

Centrum Kultury Zamek

Verification of the smoke ventilation system in the area of the entrance hall and the covered inner courtyard within the imperial castle in Poznań.

Przejście podziemne

CFD simulation and analysis of evacuation conditions in a shopping area / underground pedestrian passage